We want the Summer Art Market to be a safe place to explore and experience all types of local and regional art, music and more. For that reason, we have included several safety precautions to make sure that happens!

Child Safety Wristbands

It will be strongly suggested that all children under 10 years of age wear a colorful wristband with information including: Child’s name, guardian phone number and any disabilities or life-threatening illnesses or allergies (Diabetes, epilepsy, etc). Wristbands will be available through volunteers walking around, at the kid’s area, and at the Parliament info booth. There will be signs promoting the wristbands around the event as well.

Missing Child Policy

In the event of a child getting separated from their parent or guardian, The Parliament staff, volunteers and vendors will be fully prepared to help reunite them as soon as possible.

Attendees will be encouraged to reach out to staff for communication throughout the event in case a child is missing, although the parent/guardian of the child should go to the Lost Child tent to check for their child before an announcement is made.  All staff will have walkie-talkies and will be in touch with one another throughout the duration of the event for emergency and information purposes.

All event police and staff will be informed, music will stop and an announcement will be made informing all attendees and vendors of the missing child.  Lost children that are found will be taken to the Lost Child/Registration Tent.  If the child is not found within 5 minutes of the announcement, ¾ of the volunteers for the event will be sent out to search the surrounding area for the child.  All volunteers/staff will be briefed before the event about who will be a part of the search party in case of a missing child and all of the procedures in case of such an event.  All parents reporting a missing child must go to the Lost Child/Registration Tent to inform the staff of the missing child’s description, age, name, and any other helpful information, whether the child was registered with the Lost Child/Registration Tent or not.  


No alcohol will be sold at, or allowed on the Summer Art Market grounds. Several District restaurants will be serving alcohol during the weekend, but no alcohol must leave the restaurants. Any visitors with alcohol on the grounds will be asked to dispose of it, and will be asked to leave the festival if they do not cooperate with event staff. 


The possession, sale and/or use of any illegal or illicit drugs at the event will not be tolerated anywhere inside the Summer Art Market. Police officers will be stationed at the festival, and will contacted if any drugs have been found.