Nastassja E. Swift: Provocative Beautiful Storytelling

Nastassja E. Swift’s work stood out to us the moment she applied.  Her work is provocative, engaging, and playful while staying extremely personal. 
The 23 year old from Virginia Beach has been painting since high school and began working with fibers during her second year at VCU.

When asked about her main inspirations, she mentioned events and stories that she reads about or notices.

...whether it be an event, a tragedy, a story; comments that have been made to or around me; experiences from my childhood; artists like Sonya Clark, Ng’endo Mukii, Kerry James Marshall and Kara Walker

The common themes within Nastassja’s work focus on race, her personal identity as a black woman, her childhood, and gender. Which are unique and beautiful perspectives that are thought provoking and playful.

She didn’t know right away that she had such a passionate, creative vision until her senior year of high school. As a lot of creatives deal with, the initial fear of pursuing art as a career held her back, but with the support of her educators and family, she broke down those walls and realized that this was her calling. She remembers looking back on her childhood, going through her mother’s work and having an urge to create.

Nastassja isn’t concerned with what type of reaction viewers have towards her art. “ long as they have one - whether it be a smile, a laugh, feeling uncomfortable, a need to question or a disagreeing opinion - I really enjoy getting a reaction.”

The biggest challenge Nastassja’s faced so far is one every creative person knows all too well:But this doesn’t stop her. Nastassja’s work comes in such a variety of ways that it's hard not to think of her as an artistic, beautiful powerhouse! 

Along with pursuing her art, Nastassja is an artist instructor at Pinot's Palette and co-owner of an online art gallery, that she hopes to become a physical exhibition space. 
Nastassja's work is a unique and beautiful view into her perspective and we absolutely can't wait to see what she brings to show at the Summer Art Market! 

You can find out more about her and her work at her website, instagram, and facebook